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It is a delicate balance, preserving a home's historical character while responding to a contemporary way of living.

Balancing past and present, this Edwardian-style home honors its history while maintaining a contemporary feel. With the addition of a modern two-story geometric volume, spaces are flooded with natural light while offering views of the lush urban garden.

“We drew inspiration from historic London townhomes that feature modernist interventions, contrasting the historic architecture and making it clear what’s what while marrying the two.”
Brooks Walker, Partner, Walker Warner

The neutral color palette imbues the home with an easy-going elegance. White oak floors and a luxurious range of creams form the ideal atmosphere, one that feels quintessentially Californian.

“We knew the project would have wonderful architecture and natural light, so we deliberately pulled back on certain design elements, giving the architecture, and the art, an opportunity to sing.”
Chloe Warner, Founder, Redmond Aldrich Design

A formal sitting room, nestled in the center of the home, showcases an artful execution of sophisticated, minimalist comfort. While outside, original archways offer seamless indoor-outdoor living set within a landscape of native plants and a century-old Copper Beech tree.

“The beech tree was key in this project. We did everything possible to get the family as close to the tree and under its canopy during their daily life.”
Scott Lewis, Principal, Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

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