We provide comprehensive architectural design services that cover all project phases. Additionally, we assemble the larger project team by suggesting contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, and other necessary consultants. Our role includes architectural design, team management, permit coordination, construction observation, as well as schedule and budget tracking.

We are most passionate about projects that connect seamlessly with the landscape, where architecture enhances the site’s beauty in both obvious and subtle ways. We thrive on forward-looking designs, aiming to craft enduring and relevant contemporary architecture.

We’re open to project opportunities wherever they might be, but prefer locations that allow for regular site visits during design and construction. If a project is far from our Bay Area studio, we can collaborate with local firms to provide construction oversight to ensure our design standards are met.

In most cases, the timeline from project start to securing a building permit typically spans 1 to 2 years, followed by 2 to 3 years of construction.

We frequently partner with contractors and consultants from past collaborations, leveraging existing relationships for enhanced efficiency and proven success. However, if you have a particular contractor or consultant in mind, we are open to exploring potential collaborations for your project.

We don’t do renovations often, but we will consider significant opportunities, like restoring homes designed by well-known architects. When we do take on renovation projects, our focus is on maintaining the essence of the original architecture while modernizing structures for lasting relevance.

Interior architecture includes the design, documentation, and oversight of construction for anything that is “built-in” to the interiors. Interior design focuses on aesthetic elements such as furniture, fixtures, textiles, and artwork, which are procured by an interior designer who we partner with on a project.

We often have a waitlist of over six months before we can start a new project, so we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible.


We are a highly collaborative firm that recognizes the unique value and skills each individual brings to the workplace. We appreciate opportunities to gather and engage with one another, as community drives our culture of creativity and teamwork. We host regular happy hours and annual employee events, both social and project related.

We strive to develop a community that celebrates and fosters diversity and inclusion through our employee-led IDEAS team, which stands for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Awareness, and Sustainability. The group supports a variety of initiatives, including knowledge sharing, educational resources, and community involvement activities.

Our benefits program is designed to support employees and their families across all dimensions of health—physical, mental, financial, and social. The firm offers a competitive compensation package with fully paid health benefits for eligible employees, 401(k) and profit sharing contributions, flexible spending accounts, generous paid time-off, and much more.

We review applications and reach out to candidates who appear to be a strong match for each role. We try to follow a 30-day timeline after the date of application, scheduling a series of interviews to best understand your experience and interests. If you are not contacted for the job you applied to, your information will go into our database and you might hear from us about other opportunities in the future.

While there is no specific page number or page size requirement, we kindly request that your portfolio be limited to 9MB or less.

Yes, we welcome applications at any time, so please don’t hesitate to submit your materials.

We do offer sponsorship in accordance with our firm policy. If a role is eligible for sponsorship, information will be included in the job posting.


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