Hale Kiawe


Sheltered beneath the kiawe trees, this minimalist retreat embodies the same enduring beauty as its namesake.

The structures draw inspiration from the agrarian buildings that once dotted the land, with simple lines and geometries creating a striking contrast with the undulating landscape and stunning coastline in the distance.

A meandering pathway and water feature guide you to an enclosed lanai, which serves as the entry and heart of the home. The open-air pavilion transitions you from the busyness of the outside world to the calm and quiet within.

Elegant but spare, the home exhibits a spiritual existence that adapts to the environment with ease and comfort. The diverse spaces provide moments for respite or recreation while maintaining a sense of minimalism and restraint.

The simple color palette inside reflects the muted tones outside, avoiding any competition with the beauty found in the landscape. The architecture, in perfect harmony with the terrain, hovers above a bed of grasses and lava rock.

“It’s a home for whatever moves your heart at that moment, a place where you can just be.”

Plantings are thoughtfully integrated into the once barren site, weaving together the built and natural environments, and restoring a sense of unity between the two—now gracefully sheltered under a canopy of kiawe trees.

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Senior Project Manager

Architectural Staff

Matthew Marsten, Vivi Lowery



Philpotts Interiors


David Y. Tamura Associates


Eric Johnson Associates, Inc.


Metzler Contracting Co. LLC


Matthew Millman


Matthew Millman


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