Greg Warner

Founder & Partner, AIA, LEED AP
“I like to think of our buildings like I do my favorite Patagonia jacket—thoughtfully designed and detailed, crafted for a purpose using appropriately chosen materials. Ideally, our projects are always original, timeless, and feel just right when you’re in one.”

With 40 years of experience leading architectural projects, Greg has made an indelible mark on residential and hospitality design in both the Hawaiian Islands and mainland North America. His extensive body of work demonstrates a seamless connection between architecture and landscape, paying homage to the natural environment and its historical context.

Greg’s artistry in place-sensitive design developed during his upbringing in Hawaii, where he discovered how culture and environment together shape regional architecture. He carries this understanding through to his projects in Mexico, California, and the Rocky Mountains, creating built works appropriate to each setting.

My Story


The island we first moved to when I was a kid, Kalaupapa, Moloka'i.

Heading West

I was born in Connecticut, but we moved to Hawaii when my father, a doctor, took a job caring for people with Hansen’s disease at a leprosarium in Kalaupapa. Eventually, we relocated to Kauai, and later to the Island of Hawaii.
Four of seven kids and my dad on his horse—I'm in the front.
Parker Ranch, Island of Hawai

A lasting impression

While attending school at Hawaii Preparatory Academy, I experienced the work of regionalist architect Vladimir Ossipoff, who has inspired many of my projects in Hawaii. His work embodies a sensitivity and respect for craft that is relevant to this day.
Davies Chapel
The chapel features materials such as ohia, which is a native Hawaiian hardwood.

Back to Waimea

In 2005, a client with a plot of land brought me back to Waimea, the town of my childhood. His children were attending Hawaii Preparatory Academy, and I went back to the campus for the first time as an adult, and as an architect.

Designing for the Land

I aim to design buildings that have a seamless connection with the landscape. While the architecture is forward-leaning, it is respectful of the natural environment and its historical context. The importance of place means thoroughly understanding what is actually there.

Keeping it simple

I’m drawn to buildings that convey an honest, practical sense of purpose—much like those on a working ranch, steeped in the rural vernacular of simple, utilitarian structures that are stripped of extravagance and quiet at their core.

Strength & character

I try to integrate materials and techniques that are durable and suited to the environment and climate. These elements go beyond creating visual interest, and are used to offer a sense of belonging, timelessness, and curiosity.
Inspiration from Ossipoff. Lava boulders embedded in concrete.

A competitive nature

Most of my interests involve the outdoors, so I’m most comfortable in that familiar context. I love fly fishing, hiking, cycling, and triathlons.


Embracing ohana means developing a sense of devotion and care for all members of the community. Family, work, and recreation interconnect in someone’s ohana, whether they are family, friends or coworkers.

Greg & Nicole Hollis

Chasing Ossipoff

Ossipoff was imprinted on me as a young child, sitting in Davies Chapel every Sunday. Looking back, I realize that building is likely sparked my interest in architecture. He practiced regional contextualism and respected local vernacular, which is what drives my own work.

Bob Lilistrand's Ossipoff house.
Chasing Ossipoff presentation


Kuleana (pronounced koo-lay-ah-nah) is a Hawaiian word loosely translated to responsibility. More so, it means the reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible, and the thing which they are responsible for.

The bell tower at Hawaii Preparatory Academy.


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