Sun-kissed architecture perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, where the desert meets the sea.

A bronze and teak gate comes into view as you approach the home, guarding a tranquil water feature with stones that appear to float upon its surface. The sound of trickling water draws you toward the courtyard beyond.

“On a breezy day the plumeria trees drop flowers into the water that float around the stone pavers, catching your eye and slowing your step.”
Sharon Okada, Senior Project Manager, Walker Warner

The courtyard, defined by boxy volumes, serves as the centerpiece of the home, with native trees framing the views of the ocean’s blue waters, drawing the eye toward the picturesque landscape.

Outdoor spaces seamlessly flow into one another under the shelter of a woven pergola. Whether in the comfort of the interiors or basking in the sun outside, you are always immersed in the beauty of the surroundings.

“We purposefully chose materials that acknowledge what nature does to them over time, such as the textured concrete used throughout the volumes.”
Greg Warner, Partner, Walker Warner

Rugged concrete walls match the color of the sand, which shifts in tone and texture as the sun moves overhead. The infinity pool, finished in dark plaster, flawlessly reflects the sky above.

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