Santa Monica Modern


Hidden between the boardwalks and boulevards, escape awaits at this modern beachside retreat.

Perfectly situated in the heart of the city, shops and restaurants are just steps from the front door. When it’s time to unwind, all it takes is a short stroll to reach the sandy shores of the expansive Pacific coastline.

“The exteriors are clad in western red cedar and zinc to offer a sense of durability and longevity, and to help ground the house on the site.”
Clark Sather, Senior Associate, Walker Warner

Always open to family and friends, the house is a casual, inviting space to share a meal or play music. It functions perfectly well for one as it does for many, serving as a quiet retreat or lively gathering place, both indoors and out.

Walls are adorned with carefully curated pieces, creating a visual feast for the eyes. The interiors are minimal with clean lines and a subdued materials palette, providing the perfect backdrop for the artwork to take center stage. 

The courtyard, with its lush garden and seating areas, is an ideal space for outdoor entertaining. Hidden by a canopy of trees, it remains perfectly concealed from neighbors and passersby.

“We created an urban forest, planting a dozen specimen trees for shade, privacy, and seasonal color to create nuanced spaces throughout the landscape.”
Michael Fiore, Principal, Fiore Landscape Design

A private oasis hidden within a bustling neighborhood, it’s a place that offers respite and repose, under the shelter of eucalyptus trees and the warm orange glow of the setting sun.

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