Kauhale Papapa


The architecture gracefully frames the landscape, immersing you in the sights and sounds of the island.

Situated at the threshold between mauka and makai, the property invites you to linger in the elements. Whether you approach on foot or by car, you find yourself compelled to slow down and seek respite under the expansive cover of the kiawe.

Materials complement the terrain, with copper mirroring the hue of red cinder magma and rope lashing, inspired by outrigger canoes, matching the color of pili grass. Lighter wood forms spring up where the earth gently falls away, with rustic, weathered concrete mooring at grade.

Hours studying old contour maps informed a design that restores the site by responding to the original landforms. The home weaves between rolling hills and twisted tree trunks that emerge from hardened lava rock, offering a sense of discovery.

“As the roof expands and contracts while clouds pass overhead, the house speaks to you, just like the landscape does.”
Brian Lang, Senior Technical Architect, Walker Warner

The sun casts a golden glow upon reclaimed sinker cypress walls, revealing a rich, century-old patina acquired from its time submerged in the riverbed. At dusk, a cooling ocean breeze wafts through the generous openings, reconnecting you to nature once more.

Process & Details

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Project Manager

Architectural Staff

Brian Lang, Mark McPhie



Douglas Durkin Design


David Y. Tamura Associates


Banks Landl Lighting Design


Metzler Contracting Co. LLC


Matthew Millman




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