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For many of us, it’s Hawaii’s palm-lined sands and thalassic soul that draws us to the paradisal isle. But for a San Francisco-based couple, its pull is a little more meaningful. These are the shores where fate stepped in and they met for the first time. Years later, with an empty nest in tow, they decided it was time to build their dream holiday home, and where better to set up camp than the island that had first brought them together. And though this ocean-side abode embraces the relaxed soul of its surrounds, this is no straw-topped beach hut. It is an architectural expression of site that has brought together some of the most inspiring names in design; Walker Warner Architects, Leverone Design and landscape masters Lutsko Associates. Together they’ve created a Pacific-side palace of natural materials, playful lighting strategies and a floor-plan that expands and contracts based upon the clients’ needs. It’s spectacular and truly a marvel to behold.

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