Luxe Coastal Retreat

Making waves, inspired by the romance of the coastal bluffs, a new home takes its stylistic cues from the sea and the sky

Here’s something singularly magical about the northern California coast, where wildflower- laden bluffs meet the churning pacific and gray whales seasonally leap from the waves. This landscape was like a siren call to a couple, both Massachusetts natives, who craved a return to life by the ocean. They decided to build a home on the San Mateo county shoreline, but what kind of home was in question. The wife wanted the traditional cape cod architecture of her childhood, while the husband loves the streamlined simplicity of minimalist design. To strike a balance, they turned to designer Kristi Will and architect Brooks Walker to wed two different visions of seaside living. “we set out to make something unique to them; an expression of all the things they love,” says Will of the collaboration.

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